Friday, August 3, 2007

Weigh-In Week 8

250.2! That's what it said on the scale this morning. A loss of 1.6lbs.

Missed it by that much!

The celebration will have to be postponed until next week.

Surprisingly I am not too disappointed. I learned my lesson a few weeks ago. Any loss is a good loss and 8 straight weeks of loss is amazing.

My lovely wife and a few other people have said now that I am putting on muscle it will effect my rate of loss. I want that to be true, but I'm not sure that I put on that much muscle this week. Although, I can do 15 push ups now. It was only 12 last weekend.

If I was looking for an excuse for a smaller loss this week,(which I am not) I'd say it is the 4 pounds of scab I have on my leg. Sorry that was gross.

No winner this week. Everybody was over. I do love your optimism though. My mom was closest with 1.8. Good guessing Mom!

Have a great weekend everybody! I'm off to the Doctors this afternoon for my first physical in nearly ten years. Hopefully I will have some fun things to report on Monday.

8/3: 250.2 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
30.2 lbs. to go

p.s. We made Diet Pepsi Pot Roast last night. It was great! The Pepsi seems to tenderize the meat more than just water would. Highly recommended. Thank you Heather for putting it all together.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guess How Much I Weigh Conest - Week 8

Please take a minute this morning to say a prayer for those effected by the bridge collapse here in Minnesota.

As many of you know the 35W bridge is just a few blocks from my office. I walked down there this morning before work and said a short prayer. I know prayer is not location based but I felt a need to be as close as I could.

I walk past this bridge every day during my workout. I could not get close enough to see the collapsed bridge this morning. I can not begin to imagine what it will be like to take that walk for the first time once all the emergency crews and police tape have cleared out.

Fortunately no one in my life has been hurt in this tragic event. That could change in the next day or two... I pray that it doesn't.

Here are a few pictures of the media mess I found at the police tape this morning.

I contemplated canceling this weeks contest. It seemed a little petty, considering.

Here is what I have decided to do instead.

The contest will go on ,but in lue of a prize, I will be making a donation to the Minnesota Red Cross. It seems like the right thing to do.

To Recap:
Every Thursday I give you my stats for the week and you guess what you think the scale will say on Friday morning. Go ahead and click on comments at the bottom of this post and leave your guess.

I will post the winner when I post my weight on Fri. morning.

Stats for the week of July 30th.

Walked / Ran: 10.9 miles

Calories Consumed: From Thursday morning through Wed. night I have consumed aprox. 12089 calories.

Calories Burned: From Thursday morning through Wed. night I have burned aprox. 28448 calories.

27% of my calories have come from fat.
7% of those calories came from Saturated Fats.

45% of my calories came from carbs.

21% of my calories came from protein.

Let the guessing begin. Good Luck!

8/2: 251.8 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
31.8 lbs. to go

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Recipe Wednesday

I started my strength training last night.

14 Push Ups
40 Crunches (20 straight, 20 to the side)
4 Dips
20 Squats
40 Walking Lunges
30 Calf Raises

I am surprised at how good I feel this morning... minus the road rash on my leg of course, which feels like a thousand little elves with a thousand white hot needles poking into my leg every few minutes.

My feeling good may have something to do with my first every visit to the chiropractor yesterday. For a while now, I have been having some issues with my lower back. Every morning on my drive in, my back and lower legs get kind of numb and it takes me a while to walk it off. I assumed it was weight related. Turns out I have a tilted pelvis because of the way I sleep. Last night I slept with a body pillow and did some stretches this morning and now I am feeling great.

I also have a general check up on Friday. This will be my first check up since shortly after college. If I am going to get serious about my health I might as well get serious about all aspects of it.

Now on to...


It's a crazy one this week. This recipe comes from this great book that Laura's Aunt Polly gave us called Fix It and Forget It Lightly. It's all low cal crock pot recipes and it's full of some good looking recipes that I am excited to try. I'll be making this one tomorrow night.

Pepsi Pot Roast

3-lb. pot roast
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
2 10-3/4 oz. cans of fat-free, low-sodium cream of mushroom soup
2 16-oz. bottles of diet soda


1. Place meat in slow cooker.
2. In large bowl mix soup, onion soup mix and cola. Pour over roast in cooker.
3. Cover. Cook on high 6 hours.

Per Serving:
Calories: 170, 7g total fat, (2g saturated fat, .5g trans fat), 70mg cholesterol, 430mg sodium, 4g total cabs, 0g fiber, 23g protien

8/1: 251.8 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
31.8 lbs. to go

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Freinds Don't Let Freinds Play Softball

And this is why.

We were down by ten runs in the bottom of the 7th. After a rally inning we had scored 6. When I stepped up to the plate there were two outs with runners on first and second. With menace in my eyes I took a mighty swing and fouled it straight back. One more strike to go.

The wind up, the pitch... it's a beautiful line drive down the third base line. The runners were moving like the bogeyman himself was hot on their tail. The play at home was fumbled. I made the split second decision to try and stretch it to a triple. Unfortunately... it was the wrong decision. We lost by two runs and I was left crippled and bleeding in the dirt.

Believe me I know better. My slide was so far from the plate they could have built a three lane highway between me and the bag.

After the numbing effects of Bactine and Mich Golden Light kicked in I was feeling pretty good. But let me tell you, for about an hour and half there I was feeling the pain and it was not good!

The good news? My batting slump seems to be in full retreat. I was 5 for 6 at the plate last night. I'm back baby... just in time for the last game of the season.

I have my first ever chiropractic appointment this morning. I wonder if she can do anything for my leg?

7/31: 251.8 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
31.8 lbs. to go

Monday, July 30, 2007

Baby. Fat.

As I was looking through pictures from this weekend, I saw this photo and it got me kind of choked up. I am so happy to finally have pictures with my girls that I am not embarrassed of.

The thought of looking back at pictures like this in 20 years makes me cringe. I don't want this to be me. I don't want this to be the father my girls grow up with.

Pictures like this are the reason I can not fail this time. My girls are getting old enough to start forming memories that will last the rest of their life. When that happens, when they get to the point where they develop their first memory of their daddy, I want to be someone that I am proud to be. I want to be the father in that first picture, not the fat guy in this one.

Ok, now I am making myself cry. Not a good place to be for writing witty copy about coffee and sugary cereal. Time to move on.

7/30: 251.8 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
31.8 lbs. to go

Strength Training

Here is the new exercise I invented for Strength Training. I call it Baby Bench Press.

Thanks to a lot of help from my Dad, I have started to put together my strength training routine.

Daily Exercises:
Push Ups (Currently at 12 a day)
Stomach Crunches

Every Other Day Exercises:
Walking Lunges
Calf Raises

As I progress, I plan to add some medicine ball exercises and some free weight stuff.

I am continuing to walk every day (or almost every day) and I am adding more running to my route. 6 weeks ago I was doing 2.2 miles in 32 minutes. Now I am at 2.2 miles in 28 to 29 minutes. I figure about .5 miles of that is running.

7/30: 251.8 lbs.
Goal: 220 lbs.
31.8 lbs. to go

I promise to keep the topless photos to a minimum... at least until I'm looking a little buffer. I just couldn't resist this one.