Friday, February 13, 2009

The Weigh In Week 84

227.6. That's what it said on the scale this morning. A loss of 0! Also a gain of 0.

By the rules I set for myself I have failed only half the challenge this week. I didn't have a gain, so I can continue to watch TV. Since I didn't lose a pound, I am at the mercy of my loving wife and her merciless fruits and vegetables for the next week.

I'm a little ticked at this weigh-in. I did pretty good yesterday. I did not graze at all and I drank a ton of water...which may be part of my problem.

I did go home and do Buns of Steal last night.

Not actual buns of steal. I found The Biggest Loser Cardio Workout On Demand on Exercise TV so I tried that. And, it kicked my butt. That Bob Harper is one mean dude. And this was just cardio level 1...and I wasn't using hand weights. I'm still sore this morning. I probably should have stretched before I started.

Oh, and I apologize to anyone who may have been driving down our street last night around 8:30 pm and peeked into our window. I'm sure it was not a pretty sight.

Here's the real bummer. Yesterday morning I was at 226.4. I had dreams of getting close to 225 this morning. Dreams that were shattered.

I'm toying with the idea of keeping up with some of this cardio workout. I have a Biggest Loser DVD from a promotional thing we did over at Fatbloggers last year. It's still in the cellophane wrap. I may have to bust it out this week for an extra kick to make sure I have a good loss next Friday.

Have a great weekend everybody. And happy valentines day...tomorrow.

2/13 227.6 lbs
Lots to go

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guess How Much I Weigh Contest Week 84

More drama!

It's going to be a tight squeeze for tomorrow's weigh-in. As it stands right now I am down more than a pound but barely. If this had been a normal week I'd be guaranteeing a good loss for tomorrow. Unfortunately this is no normal there every such a thing?

Since I was sick this week I skipped my strength training on Tuesday and now I've been pulled into a last minute all day off-site session today, which means no strength training today either.

The good news is fear of Laura and her vegetables will keep me on the straight and narrow in this room full of candy and doughnuts and snacks galore, but I am worried that might not be enough with no work out today.

I am seriously considering pulling out some of Laura’s Bun’s Of Steal videos after the kids go to bed tonight…. Laura doesn’t actually have buns of steal .... well she dose have nice buns, but she doesn’t have the Buns of Steal videos.

Have I dug myself out yet?

Seriously though, our cable on demand has some workouts available and I am honestly considering trying out some cardio in the living room.

Wish me luck.

Step right up, step right up.
Guess how much I weigh and win a fabulous prize.

To Recap:
Every Thursday I give you my stats for the week and you guess what you think the scale will say on Friday morning. The winner is the first person who guesses my weight / weight loss for the week without going over or the person who is closest without going over. Go ahead and click on comments at the bottom of this post and leave your guess.

I will post the winner when I post my weight on Fri. morning. If we get ten or more guesses I will have a prize for the winner.

Let the guessing begin. Good Luck!

2/12 227.6 lbs
Lots to go

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sicky McSickerson


I caught a bug from somebody this weekend. It isn't the flu. I went and got checked.

Whatever it is, it's filling my head with cobwebs and my muscles with aches.

I kmow it's mild compared to all of you out there stuck in bed for days on end...but it's sapping my motivation something fierce.

I'll be hitting the treadmill later today. I hope I can make it through my run.

On a positive note, I seem to be on track with Week 2 of the challenge.

I did my best to eat resonablly this weekend and got a nice run in with my Dad on Sunday morning.

And we had a blast running around on the frozen lake with the girls. I even got to see the inside of an Ice House for the first time ever.

All in all a fabulous weekend at the lake.