Friday, June 27, 2008

THe Weigh-In Week 54

216.8! That is what it said on the scale this morning. A loss of .8!

Not bad considering the BBQ last night. In the end I was a lot more worried about the wine I drank last night , then the food I ate. I filled up on fruit instead of helped that there was a pretty limited supply of bad food. We were at a priests house after all.

Our winner this week would have been Teresa, had there been 10 guesses.

Have a great weekend everybody.

06/27 216.8 lbs
8.8 lbs. to go

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guess How Much I Weigh Contest - Week 54

If I were to post my weight today I would be posting a nice loss for the week... unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow to post my weight, which puts everything up in the air.

I have a B.B.Q Potluck tonight and as we all know Potlucks are one of the members of the Food Axis of Evils. I will do my best to control myself, but late night eating and a big meal are not always conducive to a good weigh-in.

Plus, I am a little worried that this mornings low weigh-in was partially due to all the water weight I lost during my workout yesterday.

Holy cow was that hot. I am sad to report I didn't make my full work out. Well, I did make the full workout but I had to stop and walk for 3 minutes half way through the run...and I only did 2 miles, not 2.5... but the 2.5 is something I am working up to.

Did I mention it was really freakin' hot?

Step right up, step right up.
Guess how much I weigh and win a fabulous prize.

To Recap:
Every Thursday I give you my stats for the week and you guess what you think the scale will say on Friday morning. The winner is the first person who guesses my weight / weight loss for the week without going over or the person who is closest without going over. Go ahead and click on comments at the bottom of this post and leave your guess.

I will post the winner when I post my weight on Fri. morning. If we get ten or more guesses I will have a prize for the winner.

Let the guessing begin. Good Luck!

06/26 217.6 lbs
9.6 lbs. to go

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mixed Bag

This has been a mixed week so far as healthy living goes. Without really thinking about it I have been eating horribly this week, but I have been so active that the exercise seems to be offsetting the far.

Today is going to be another challenge. I am doing my second brick (bike and run back-to-back) over lunch today. Checking the weather this morning I noticed it is supposed to be 87 today.

Not that I am complaining. After whining for so long about not having summer I would never complain about an 87 degree day... but it is going to make todays workout challenging.

Just have to remember to hydrate.

06/25 217.6 lbs
9.6 lbs. to go

Ellie got her stitches out yesterday and her cut looks great. I think it is going to heal up real nice.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Awesome Weekend

What a great weekend. The second one in a row by my calculations.

The weather was perfect all weekend long. We played in the water, got behind the boat and had the chance to catch up with some old high school friends. Just what a real summer weekend should be.

I spent a good part of the weekend water skiing. I now I have said it before, but I love being able to water ski again. I felt this weekend that I was really getting back into the grove behind the boat. I was able to go for some nice long sets and I even tried a few one handed turns. They may not have been pretty, but they were one handed.

It's funny how your standards change when your passion is reignited. The water was kind of choppy this weekend. A few years ago I probably would have passed and waited for calmer water, but this weekend I hopped in without a seconds hesitation and had the best runs of the summer.

I also went for a swim in the lake with my Dad and my brother-in-law in training for the triathlon. The good news is I will be able to make the distance on the day of the race. The bad news is, it's going to take me a lot longer than I thought.

Everyone has told me that swimming in a lake is way different than swimming in a pool, and I was prepared for the waves and the wind and the cold. What I wasn't prepared for was the claustrophobia. When you put your face in the water you cant see a thing and that freaked me out a little bit. I swam the first 5 minutes of our 15 minutes swim with my face out of the water the whole time.

Hopefully I'll have a few more practice swims in the lake before race day.

06/23 217.6 lbs
9.6 lbs. to go