Friday, March 7, 2008

The Wife Weighs In...Week 22

Happy Friday, all!

Yep...I had a gain...a fairly big one. I'm not terribly surprised, however. I was unable to get to the gym even once last week. I indulged in some snacks over the weekend that were very yummy, but not very good for me. Those items plus some hormonal water weight set me up to be pretty unsuccessful this week.

It's okay...I'm already over it.

I went to yoga on Monday, hour of cardio on Tuesday, cardio and weights on Wednesday, and an hour on the treadmill yesterday. I've kept the rest of the week in check pretty well, so if I keep my weekend in check and hit it hard next week I should be looking at a decent loss next week.

As a side note, this Sunday will mark one year since I started my weight loss journey. In that time:
  • I have lost 42 pounds.
  • I started at a size 20 (nearing size 22) and I now wear size 16's (many of which are now too big for me).
  • I no longer have to shop plus-sized clothing racks.
  • I joined a gym.When I first joined the gym in November, I walked on the treadmill at 3.5 mph. I now walk at 3.9 mph with a 2% incline. As someone who has never liked to run (even as a child) I am proud of the fact that I can run for five minutes at 5.2 mph at that same 2% incline.
  • I have started practicing yoga.
  • I feel better about myself and better about the world around me.
  • I am no longer uncomfortable in my own skin.
  • I am much more self-confident.
  • I feel much more in control of my life.
  • I have a much more optimistic attitude.
  • I am, for the first time in about 10 years, taking time for (and care of) myself.

While I saw a gain this week, I am proud of my progress over the last year. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

'Til next week,
Laura (a.k.a. Elle Tee Jay)

3/09/07: 228.4 pounds
2/29/08: 184.2 pounds
3/07/08: 186.4 pounds (a gain of 2.2 pounds)

Total loss: 42.0 pounds
Next goal: 182.0 pounds

P.S. I had two and a half inches of hair cut off last night after having the same hairstyle for about 5 years. I would never have been comfortable with hair this short before losing weight. I feel like a new woman! I hope to be able to post some progress (and hair cut) pictures next week.

The Weigh-In Week 39

216! That's what it said on the scale this morning. A 3 pound loss!!!

I know it seems a little suspicious that I would choose 216 as my goal for the week and then hit it exactly, but that is honestly what happened. I checked the scale 3 times. Guess my body knew exactly what it needed to do.

Now if I can just hold strong next week I should be able to make 214 by race day a week from Saturday.

Next week looks like it should be a lot calmer than the last three weeks have been so I can really concentrate on eating right and working out hard core. Insert grunt here.

Our big winner this week was my lovely wife!!! Way to go sweetie. We only had 5 votes this week so no prize. Although I think I can find something for my sweet, wonderful, adorable wife.

Uncle Al your photo will get into the mail this weekend!

Have a great weekend everybody!

3/07: 216lbs
2 pounds to go

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Guess How Much I Weigh Contest - Week 39

So far I've done a good job of staying on track this week, despite some late nights and work craziness. I probably had a little too much dinner on Tues. night to power through a marathon work session, but other than that I am feeling good. If I do good today, I think I have a good shot of making this weeks goal of 216.

My 5K is only 9 days away!!! I am feeling pretty confident. I would like to get a few outdoor runs in though. Unfortunately the weather has turned cold again. The combination of winter winds and icy trails has kept me on the treadmill this week. I am hoping I can get an outside run on Saturday or Sunday.

Step right up, step right up.
Guess how much I weigh and win a fabulous prize.

To Recap:
Every Thursday I give you my stats for the week and you guess what you think the scale will say on Friday morning. The winner is the first person who guesses my weight / weight loss for the week without going over or the person who is closest without going over. Go ahead and click on comments at the bottom of this post and leave your guess.

I will post the winner when I post my weight on Fri. morning. If we get ten or more guesses I will have a prize for the winner.

Let the guessing begin. Good Luck!

2/28: 219lbs
5 pounds to go

p.s. Don't forget you can subscribe to the e-mail edition of Guess How Much I Weigh . Simply enter your e-mail address in the space to the right.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Busy Week

It is going to be another busy week this week, so you might not here from me as much...once again.

I am determined to stay on track this week though.

As of this morning I am 4 pounds above my goal of 214. My goal for this week is to lose two pounds to get down to 216. Then the goal for next week is to lose 1 or 2 pounds to be at or close to my goal on race day which is less than two weeks away.

Here is my funny / disturbing story of the day.

When I looked in the mirror yesterday morning I thought to myself, "my face looks chubby".

I am only three and half pounds from my lowest weigh-in and still knowing that I have gained weight had me thinking it was showing in my face. Silly me.

Here is the cool story from the weekend. We were shopping at Target on Saturday and ran into in old family friend who hadn't seen Laura or I since we started this journey. She walked right past us with out realizing who we were! It took her a second after I said her name to register who was talking to her.

That felt good!

2/29: 219lbs
5 pounds to go