Monday, October 27, 2008

Granpa Ken

Hey guys,

I am going to take this week off.

Last week my Grandfather made the decision to discontinue dialysis which he has been on for the last few years due to kidney failure. He has been moved to hospice care and is surrounded by his loving family.

As you can imagine writing about my weight loss issues is the last thing on my mind. So, for the fist time since I started this blog there will be no Guess How Much I Weigh Contest this week.

My grandfather was an amazing man who lived a pretty amazing life. I was very fortune to have an extremely close relationship with him and he had a great influence on the way my life has turned out.

All of Grandpa's family spent this weekend together at his side, sharing stories. It was an uplifting experience and has helped immensely with coming to terms with this transition.

Please keep my Grandma in your prayers.

I'll see you next week.